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Computer Gamer

By Orpheus
Commodore 64

Published in Computer Gamer #4


It is a fast that computer gaming has become principally a male preserve and yet any teacher of Computer Studies will say that girls are just as interested as boys in programming. My theory as to why this anomaly has occurred is that the heroes of most games fulfil the male macho image and reinforce stereotypes. It was refreshing, therefore, to find a different approach in this game from Orpheus.

Elidon is the secret forest of the fairies where the seven flowers of Finvarra grow. Seven potions ensure the growth of the Finvarra flowers, but the Faerie queen has lost them in her kingdom.

The kingdom of Elidon spreads over 250 screens of action and each new room could contain a new find or a danger. The dangers vary from butterflies to a multitude of strange ethereal creatures, all of which are hungry for Faerie dust. The dust enables you to fly and, as you progress through the maze, your supply dwindles. Occasionally, you will find a fresh store of dust to replenish your stock but collision with a hungry creature makes the stock dwindle alarmingly.

The finds not only include the potions but also useful objects such as a torch, pan pipes, and a strange fruit. Only three of these objects may be carried at a time so care should be exercised in choosing which items to carry.

In some of the rooms tree spirits lurk in the dark waiting to feed off Faerie dust. The torch immediately banishes them to the other world if carried into their darkened room.

The graphics are very good, especially the Faerie's movement and the music by Grieg does not irritate even though it is the same section repeated over and over. Non-classical fans can easily turn the music off by the touch of a key. Even the packaging is attractive with an Arthur Rackham-style watercolour illustration and an attractively arranged instruction sheet.

The subject of fairies may at first seem a little bit 'wet' but let me assure you that there are more to fairies than meets the eye in this excellent fantasy adventure.