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Elevator Action
By Quicksilva
Amstrad CPC464

Published in Computer & Video Games #65

Elevator Action

Is no coin-op allowed to rest in peace without being dug up, dusted down, and converted to the computer? Apparently not. This time, it's Taito Elevator Action, and the software house responsible is Quicksilva.

The game involves you guiding secret agent Otto through successive high rise buildings, investigating every room with a red door en route.

Of course, nothing in this world is easy, and just to prove it, all the buildings are crawling with gangsters who are hell bent on bringing your spying career to an abrupt end.

Each building is viewed from the side, up to four stories can be seen at once. Each floor has up to six rooms, shown by blue or red doors. The gangsters seem to have booked almost every blue room in the place as they are continually popping out into the landings trying to blow Otto's block off.

Although a little dated, Elevator Action on the Amstrad has some nice touches, and an addictive soundtrack. The graphics, while not stunning, are effective and work well for the game. Gameplay is good except for a frustrating two to three second period when joystick control is suspended directly after Otto has just been into a red room.

On the Spectrum, Elevator Action was good fun to play but graphically it's not stunning and if it were cheaper, probably worth buying.

Overall Elevator Action is fun of the mindless variety but as such succeeds in as much as you keep wanting to go back for just one more try.