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Elevator Action
By Quicksilva
Amstrad CPC464

Published in Computer Gamer #24

Elevator Action

Even Quicksilva is getting in on the coin-op licensing scene with a natty little number from Taito - remember the company that produced that little known game Space Invaders. This game compares well to Space Invaders on quality, but is not as significant.

The plot concerns a secret agent who has to steal a number of secret plans from an office block. The plans are hidden behind red doors and our hero has to travel around the office block picking up all the plans and then to get away using a car waiting at ground level - the agent lands on the roof and makes his way down the building by lifts.

Occasionally, you have to use stairs too, to get around blockages. This sounds easy and it is. But there are enemy agents wandering around the building that shoot at you and you have to jump or duck their bullets and either shoot at you and you have to jump or duck their bullets and either shoot or karate-kick them back. A high-scoring alternative way of killing them is to shoot out a light bulb above their heads so that it falls on them. Though I've never known anyone to die from a light bulb falling on their heads!

Shooting out lightbulbs seems to make every other light in the building go out so the guards get a bit confused and you get more points if you kill them in the dark.

The game's graphics are mediocre, like the game. Levels increase in difficulty, but not in complexity, and the sound is almost non-existent. The game is, in fact, exceedingly boring.

Surely Quicksilva could have picked a better game for their first coin-op conversion. Perhaps they got the licence cheap...