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Amstrad Action

Electro Freddy
By Amsoft
Amstrad CPC464

Published in Amstrad Action #1

Electro Freddy

The popular subject of this game is redundancy and taking the mickey out of the software industry. That's because the villain in this game is Uncle Claude of Sincrum Research. He wants to increase the prices of his products and that means potential job losses (where have I heard that before?)

You, as Electro Freddy, have to stop him by getting the goods out of the warehouse to the shops. The warehouse is a single screen with a conveyor belt running along the bottom and twelve of one product scattered around the room. You have to push the objects down to the belt while avoiding the bespectacled Claude, who shoots spectrums and the oracs that occasionally fall down the screen.

There are fifteen levels of four types of screen, two of which have a force barrier with a moving gap in it just above the belt. Each level has a different product. Claude can be killed by pushing a product vertically into him while bonuses can be got by collecting a custard pie from the top right of the screen.

Good News

P. Frantic action is demanded - you'll have to act fast!
P. Nice humour behind the game.
P. The levels get quite tough.

Bad News

N. It's only really a one-screener
N. The game doesn't live up to the plot