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El Diablero
By Dragon Data
Dragon 32

Published in Computer & Video Games #31

El Diablero

The Dragon 32 now has a large selection of adventures available. Those from Dragon Data, I find, are among the best, and of these I put El Diablero at the top of the pile.

You wake up in the desert dazed, after having been taught sorcery by an old man. Of those lessons you only have a vague memory, but you know you have to destroy the evil Diablero!

The vocabulary of the game is fairly large and useful. It uses the common verb-noun system - TAKE FISH, GO NORTH, etc. On your journey around, you will find such things as mysterious yellow water and large slabs of rock. A magic word has you thinking for hours in search of a possible use for it!

El Diablero

To top it all, the game has the best twist in the tail that I have ever experienced. I can tell you - it left me breathless!

All this sounds great, and it is. El Diablero is written in machine code and has all the usual features of adventure games. I recommend it to everyone - it is almost worth buying a Dragon just to be able to play it!

El Diablero, from Dragon Data, for the Dragon 32, costs £7.95.

Simon Marsh

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