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Home Computing Weekly

Educational Compendium
By Orwin Software
Spectrum 16K

Published in Home Computing Weekly #57

Although well-documented, there is no hint as to which age group this is aimed at. One side has three programs using a triangular shape which the very young might think is a tortoise. All follow the same format, but do slightly different things.

The tortoise graphic program allows you to guide the tortoise around the screen, leaving a trail. Tortmaze requires you to steer it to a target diagonally opposite and Tortrail involves rubbing out the trail. The last two are timed.

On the other side, Equation Invaders invites children to fire the right sign - multiplication or division, addition or subtraction - into the correct place in an equation, replacing a space invader character.

Reveal is a punctuation program in which you "buy" punctuation marks at 10 points at a time. You start with 500 points and there are 20 examples, of increasing difficulty, on the tape.

There is also a program which allows you to write your own text but it is a pity it does not allow you to choose which letters you wish to hide.

Quite good value.