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Home Computing Weekly

Eddie Kidd Jump Challenge
By Martech

Published in Home Computing Weekly #92

Here we have an offering from Eddie Kidd involving the development of lightning reflexes and a great deal of intuition.

The purpose is to jump as far as you can over various objects. The program is split into two parts; the first involves jumping a number of barrels with a BMX bicycle. The screen shows you on your bicycle pointing in the opposite direction to the ramp and barrels. This took me a little by surprise at first, probably because I hadn't read the clear and informative instructions! You ride away until you have enough distance to build up your speed and then turn around and head for the ramp. If you make a good job of this you are allowed to try a motor cycle and jump cars.

The graphics are acceptable but not too exciting. If you feel that you have made an excellent jump there is a competition with real BMX bikes as prizes but you are only allowed one entry so it is worth waiting until near the closing date.

I found the game rather boring and static with far too little variation.