The Micro User

Eddie Kidd Jump Challenge
By Ricochet

Published in The Micro User 5.10

The title of this piece of software may be familiar to many people, as this is a re-release of a game which came out a couple of years ago. Now it carries a budget price of just £1.99.

Your aim is to beat Eddie Kidd's jump record of 19 double decker buses, but before you attempt that feat you must practice with smaller jumps, firstly on a BMX bike.

The bike controls are simple. You can lean forwards or backwards, you can pedal harder or more gently and you can apply brakes.

Eddie Kidd Jump Challenge

Your mission starts near the base of the jump ramp. The first problem is to decide how far from the ramp to go to start your attempt. You set off, stop, turn and the jump run begins.

After zooming up the ramp and flying over the barrels you land safely on the other side. (Provided you have enough speed you always land safely.)

A couple of jumps on the BMX and then on to the motor bike. The same controls apply, but now gears must be selected as well. Too much power, or the wrong speed in a gear will cause a spill.

Eddie Kidd Jump Challenge

Time is needed to master bike control, but before long a jump attempt can be made. On the motorbike any errors are "fatal". If you go too fast or slow, or don't lean correctly, then you crash on landing and return to BMX level for more practice.

This is a simple but enjoyable game. The graphics are adequate, but the animation is a bit jerky. The sound makes the game farmore playable.

Perhaps the worst feature is the "Back to BMX" message.

This level needs such a small level of skill that it is a bore to have to work through it.

However, at this price, Eddie Kidd's Jump Challenge is worth adding to your collection.

Rog Frost

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