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Home Computing Weekly

By Synergy
BBC Model B

Published in Home Computing Weekly #29

This package is three separate menu-driven programs, one for drawing line graphs, one for bar charts and one for pie diagrams.

Up to three line or bar charts, or four pie diagrams may be stored within each program and line or bar charts may be merged. All diagrams can be saved on tape/disc or printed.

It is a sophisticated package which includes an excellent automatic scaling, sorting and labelling facility which removes most of the difficult work in graph design. Users can opt for manual design but I found the automatic otion more than adequate for most purposes.

A powerful overwrite facility enables the user to print text anywhere on the screen and there is a wide choice of plot shapes and bar shading options available.

I found it extremely easy to set up well-designed diagrams and the quality of the programming and prompts were such that the manual was almost superfluous.

The only real fault I could find was that printed symbols on pie diagrams were not always accurately positioned. Screen displays for the line and bar charts are black and white, which could be a drawback when coloured printers become widely used.

Easyplot's main use will be as a business utility.


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