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Eagle's Nest
By Players
Commodore 64/128

Published in Zzap #46

Eagle's Nest

Funny old life, innit? Every now and then a game like Gauntlet comes along, causes a big stir and spawns more clones than Meff can eat hot frankfurters. Most of them are inferior copies but one or two turn out to be even better than the original - Eagle's Nest is one of those (No, not the duds, one of the good ones, dummy).

It's wartime Germany and you've got to infiltrate a massive castle, rescue its prisoners and blow up each of its floors. Shooting crates and boxes wins you extra ammunition, jewels, energy and food.

Atmospheric graphics and sound effects (ricocheting bullets, footsteps, metallic clangs) combine to create a really authentic and claustrophobic wartime atmosphere. If you missed this on compilation, add it to your collection now.