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Dynamite Dan
By Silverbird
Spectrum 48K/128K/+2

Published in Crash #61

Dynamite Dan

Rod Bowkett's masterpiece (included in the CRASH All Time Greats booklet, Issue 57) first appeared back in July 1985. Over three years later it still ranks as on the Spectrum's most playable games.

The action takes place inside a vast mansion, inhabited by many strange creatures. Dan's girlfriend has been locked in a massive safe inside the house. The only way to free her is by collecting eight sticks of dynamite to blow the safe door open.

The 48-screen mansion contains many bizarre features, such as tightropes, teleports and even trampolines to add extra spring to Dan's jumps. Contact with nasties or long falls reduces Dan's energy, but it can be topped up by eating the food which is scattered around the house.

Colour is used extremely well, as is sound with different tunelets for collecting various objects. But what really makes Dynamite Dan a great game is its sheer playability which keeps you glued to the screen for hours. Now at a measly two quid it represents superb value for money - if you missed it first time around, you can't afford to miss it now.

Phil King