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Home Computing Weekly

Dungeons Of Intrigue
By Audiogenic
Oric 16K

Published in Home Computing Weekly #10

Dungeons Of Intrigue is, as the name suggests, yet another reworking of the Dungeons and Dragons concept. As such, you would expect a game that both entertains and offers some original ideas. Unfortunately, this game does neither.

You start off by choosing and equipping your character in the usual manner. The scenario is similarly predictable: you must find a long-lost Magical Rod which is somewhere in a monster-ridden dungeon.

The display consists of a 5x5 block showing you and your immediate surroundings. All commands are abbreviated to a single letter, which certainly speeds up the game, but the twelve options offered are not enough to make things interesting.

On the presentation side, the game is very sloppy. Much of the text is badly spaced, and some messages vanish or scroll off the screen before you can read them.

All in all, this game appears to have been very hastily written, with almost no attention to detail.