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Drum Kit
By Quicksilva
BBC Model B

Published in Big K #6

Drum Kit

Some time ago, Quicksilva thrust Music Processor upon an unsuspecting world, the end result of which was weeks of sleepless nights for parents, wives and dogs.

The success of Music Processor has inspired the Game Lords to produce Drum Kit, which no doubt will produce exciting responses in any deathwatch beetles that happen to be in the immediate vicinity.

Down the side of the screen are the various drums; snare, base, etc, each of which is designated a row of buttons. The idea is that each button represents a bar beat and you use the cursor and return keys to turn the buttons on and off. If a button is on the associated instrument plays a beat; if not it doesn't. Very simple, very straightforward. You can also use the envelope editor to redefine the sounds and store up to 4,000 beats on tape.

Just as Music Processor was, Drum Kit is easy to use and quite effective. I had some reservations about Music Processor but these were mainly limitations imposed by the machine (the Beeb's sound chip is good but hardly recording standard). These limitations are less apparent with Drum Kit. While its use as a serious instrument are somewhat dubious, as a practice instrument it could definitely prove its worth.