Sinclair User

Drive In
By Fantasy
Spectrum 48K

Published in Sinclair User #37

The Drive-In

DRIVE IN from Fantasy has not, as the name might suggest, anything to do with burgers and movies - instead it is set round a drive-in garage some- where in space.

Dezzy's space ship is disintegrating. With no spare parts she finds an old drive-in where hopefully she will be able to find some rusty replacements.

The garage is a confusing jumble of rooms and objects, half of which seem to have little to do with the game. The object is to pick up spare parts which must then be assembled in Room 189 - the only room with a number.

The Drive-In

Some rooms contain banks, swap shops and time machines which must be used if Dezzy is to survive.

You will come across the symbols of those facilities early on in the game but identifying each takes rather longer. Objects placed in the bank are swallowed and never seen again.

Certainly a game to tax your ingenuity and patience and one which might tempt you to throw your joystick away in frustration.

Clare Edgeley

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