Draughts (A. G. Kneeus) Review | Chewing Gum - Everygamegoing

Gumboot Software

By A. G. Kneeus
Colour Genie

Published in Chewing Gum 8311

Draughts is an enjoyable program which is not too taxing on the brain, but still makes you work a little harder each time the computer beats you. It beat me nearly every time - no-one likes being beaten by a machine.

It didn't take too long to load and is very easy to understand. Another thing I liked about it was that the computer makes its move almost as quickly as the human, so there is no hanging about waiting for it to decide where it will move to. Also, a little tune plays as the computer is moving its man, so you always know when it has finished.

When you have finished a game, you have the option of re-playing that game (in slow motion if you wish!) to see where you went wrong the first time, and correcting your move this time around.

Each time you lose a man, the number in the corner of the screen (top left for the computer, bottom right for the human) is reduced by one, so you don't have to keep counting your men to see how many you have left.

When you have chosen which man you are going to move, e.g. C1 to D2, the man in C1 will change colour until it actually moves, so that you always know which piece you are supposed to be moving, even if your attention happens to wander for a moment between moves.

All in all, I found this game very enjoyable as well as addictive, and well worth the £5.00 which A. G. Kneeus is charging for it.

P. D.