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Home Computing Weekly

Dragon Digits
By Dungeon
Dragon 32/64

Published in Home Computing Weekly #57

Four games with a mathematical flavour written by a maths teacher. A careful balance between educational value and entertainment has been tried and largely succeeded. The four are all within one program, accessed by menu, and suitable for children aged 10-plus.

The first, Formuline, is akin to noughts and crosses but to fill a space you must work out an equation to equal the number in the space on the board. What Next? is a sequence game with a series of numbers displayed. You must calculate the next - good for mental arithmetic. Reversal is, as its name suggests, a game where you must reverse a collection of digits into their original numerical order. Lander is a standard text lunar lander game with more emphasis on the calculation of thrust in relation to mass, amount of fuel left, height and gravitational pull.

The games are well linked with good instructions and have educational value, but there are few graphics and they are rather uninspired. For the 10-year-old, if weaned off invaders, this would be of benefit.


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