Home Computing Weekly

Dragon Cruncher

Author: M.P.
Publisher: Elkan Electronics
Machine: Dragon 32/64 or Tandy Color 32/64

Published in Home Computing Weekly #62

This has got to be a mutually beneficial program for these two computers. They use the same 6809 chip and this makes it easy to conven BASIC programs from one to the other, which it does quickly and efficiently. There are only a few reservations, one being that it will ignore "machine code and the contents of REM and STRINGS".

It will allow any number of programs to be converted on one loading, so long as you do not RUN the program or PCLEAR 1.

There are certainly many programs for each of the computers which can now be convened and so extend the range of available software.

A simple and effective utility that may prove a saviour for the Tandy owner who feels increasingly isolated.


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