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Dr. Who: The First Adventure
By BBCSoft/BBC Publications
BBC Model B

Published in Home Computing Weekly #35

Be careful, this is not an adventure as normally understood in computing circles.

The idea is a collection of episodes in a Dr Who adventure serial. There are four 'episodes' to complete in order to taste victory. The first three are best described as action-type games, the fourth as a thinking game.

The action games are a maze game called Labyrinth, a Frogger lookalike called Prison and a Galaxians-style shooting game called Terrordactyls.

Doctor Who The First Adventure

Of these, my favourite was the shooting game, with birds that have a nasty habit of hitting you from the side, and the least attractive and poorest was the Prison game.

The final game is a 'black box' type which I can only describe as Battleships in three dimensions. You can scan the box in order to find the hidden aliens.

Overall, the games are fair value for money but you are going to take a long time to complete this adventure and graduate from the Time Lords Academy.

The theme is well maintained, and your constant enemy is Time itself - you have only one hour in which to complete the game.


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