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Double Dragon
By Melbourne House
Atari ST

Published in Computer & Video Games #86

Double Dragon

This is the third version of Double Dragon that I've seen today, and I can't deny that I am becoming just a little bored with it. The problem is that all the versions I've seen so far, and that includes this one, are all far too easy. Still, on with the review.

Double Dragon - unofficial sequel to the well crucial beat-'em-up, Renegade, has you, and a friend if you so wish, in a dazzlingly violent rescue scenario, all for the love of your sweetheart, kidnapped by the infamous Mr. Big. The bit I can't understand, is why can't the two chums involved realise that the girlie is two-timing them with each other.

The game itself is basically a right to left scroller much in the mould of Renegade, Vigilante, etc, with a bit of up and down scrolling, just to give you a bit of elbow room.

Enemies come in the form of your average everyday street punks and punkesses who emerge from all manner of places (nearby rooftops, doorways, from hidden niches in shrubbery etc) and have the basic mission of causing as much physical damage to you as possible.

To do this, each fights in their own specific way. Some merely try and wade in with punches, some attack from a distance and flying kick you to the ground. You get some really unfair fighters that gang up and attack from all directions at once. If you're really unlucky, a group of about six or seven will just stand around you and keep punching you to the ground every time you get up until you lose a life.

You can fight back with a variety of moves ranging from the simple punches and stomach kicks, to some really dirty back elbows to anyone standing behind you, and I do mean anyone. You can beat up your partner, which unfortunately you find yourself doing quite a lot as you launch yourself into a crowd of enemies.

That isn't all of the combat. There is one more thing to tell you about. Weapons. Some enemies emerge into the game with baseball bats, whips, packing crates, barrels, rocks... You name it, they've got it. Of course, it goes without saying that most of these items do a lot more damage than your regular punch or kick. Thankfully, you too can use these items. If you're a real cleverdick, you can position yourself just as they come onto screen, and knock the weapon out of their hands before they can use it.

Where these weapons come in handiest is against the really big enemies. Twice the size of the ordinary enemy, these huge giants break through the walls that line some streets, growl menacingly, and then smash you to the ground. Sounds a little difficult to me. Unfortunately, it isn't. In fact it's amazingly easy. You can earn an extra life in almost no time whatsoever, and it's thanks to the fact that I completed the game on my first go and technically lost no lives.

Speaking of the sound, which we weren't, it's hilarious. All the regular thumps and bops are there, as well as two really unusual death noises. When the women die, they make a short 'eek' sound. When the men cop it, they make a sound not unlike the sound made by someone throwing up violently. Har har.

Graphics aren't too good. They're not terrible, but there's something about them that says "look at me. I'm not very well designed or animated. Aren't I comical?" At least they're fast.

I would like to recommend Double Dragon, because when it comes down to it, it is quite fun. But I can't because it's just far too easy to be worth it, and for a coin-op conversion opportunity of this 'cult' appeal it is not quite there.