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Your Sinclair

Double Dragon
By Mastertronic
Spectrum 48K/128K/+2

Published in Your Sinclair #62

Double Dragon

Yes, it's a beat-'em-up, yes, it's the conversion of that rip-roaring horse-eating arcadester of the same name, and, no, viewers, it isn't that good.

As this one is more of a street-fight punch-up the moves are rather more below the belt (some directly below it in fact) than in some beat-'em-ups. In other words, no one's going to mind the odd punch in the head, or knee in the unmentionables (so long, of course, as it's not their head or unmentionables that's getting the treatment). Once nice bit is that everything's done in a realistic sort of 3D walk-into-the-screen sort of a way with plenty of opportunities to interact with the scenery, so you can climb up some of it, pick bits up and chuck it at people, as well use the weapons dropped by baddies. It's not too bad as it stands, but its main problem is that it just gets too boring too soon, even when playing with a friend. Oh, and the graphics are a bit shoddy and it's multiload. Ho hum Right, what's next? [That's your lot. Ed] Oh.

Rich Pelley