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By Alligata
Amstrad CPC464

Published in Computer & Video Games #51


More nice software for the Amstrad - at last programmers seem to be getting the best out of this machine.

Doppleganger is a 3D maze arcade adventure featuring a sorceress with a split personality. She and her alter-ego or Doppleganger - that's what the word means, folks - have to brave the dangers of Castle Doom and uncover a hoard of gold, silver and bronze ingots.

You have to use the two characters to perform certain tasks. The sorceress can pass through blue framed doors while her green spirit form can pass through green framed doors. Both can pass through white framed doors. But they'll need keys to get through locked ones, just like any ordinary person.

There's a time limit - indicated by an hourglass in the top left hand side of the screen. Once the sands of time run out, it's the end of the quest for both characters. But your time can be recharged by discovering certain objects.

At the start of the game your scope for exploration is limited until you've found the first three ingots. Bring one back to the start point and you'll gain access to more of the castle.

Then you'll be able to complete your task - which is to take the bronze, silver and gold ingots back to the west battlements.

The castle is packed with nicely animated nasties and the puzzles are pretty hard to solve. The graphics are colourful and the sound effects add to the atmosphere.

One minor criticism is the representation of the sorceress. There's no animation of her figure at all and moving her around is a bit like shifting a cursor around the screen - very wooden.

A nice addition to the growing number of arcade adventures for the Amstrad.

Check it out.