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Computer Gamer

By Alligata
Amstrad CPC464

Published in Computer Gamer #8


Someone seems to have "out-Ultimated" Ultimate. Doppleganger is a perspective-type graphics adventure game with full colour graphics (not just shading or monotone) and one or two very big differences.

The first big change is that you have two characters to manipulate. The character (a magical sorceress) and her alter-ego. One can go and do what the other can't and vice versa, so you must switch between each of them and get them to co-operate to complete some puzzles.

There is also an hourglass on the screen; this gives you a time limit. However, it can be replenished by finding the recharge area. The amount of time remaining also changes if you get attacked by any of the nasties.

The game consists of 25 rooms, where each entrance to the rooms can only be used by one, the other, or both of your characters. Some rooms can only be accessed by getting the correct colour-coded key.

Objects to help you in your quest are scattered in various places, such as a shield to stop the spiders from biting you, a mirror to stop the demon monk from killing you with his ugly gaze, and various other implements that I haven't worked out the use for yet such as a candle, book and a thing that looks like a key, but isn't a key?

Scattered around the castle are gold, silver and bronze ingots. Retrieving these gives you lots of points. To complete the game you must get five of these bars.

The game is easy to control, once you have got used to the diagonal movement and the odd collision detection for the walls and the objects, all is well.

So far, I have covered 21 of the 25 rooms - yet I still end up drowning and with a miserable score...

My overall impression of this game is very good. I find Ultimate's Ultimate style of game a bit difficult to get started with and to master, this game is a lot easier to start with, but then the difficulty ramps up providing the player with greater and greater challenges as the game progresses. Nice one Alligata.

PS. I now know what the candle and key are for. Any ideas about the book appreciated.