Doppleganger (Alligata) Review | Home Computing Weekly - Everygamegoing

Home Computing Weekly

By Alligata
Amstrad CPC464

Published in Home Computing Weekly #131

If you think a doppleganger is something to do with page 3, you're wrong! It's a wraith or spook with a double existence in "human" and ghostly form. In this case it's a rather sweet teutonic maiden depicted in Mode 0 graphics who can be manoeuvered via joystick around what appears to be a large castle - but only after the Beethoven of the demo has finished.

What distinguishes this from other arc-adventures is that you can guide ghost and human forms individually, switching from one to the other using the fire button. It's just as well because the doors will only allow entry to one of them. The program switches control and display instantly from one to the other in quite an impressive way.

The castle too is impressive.

You have a Knightloresque point and a similar 3D effect results, except that this one is in full colour, and, given the inherently chunky pixels of the screen mode, is very well done. Accompanied by super sound effects various nasties appear in the rooms, and many rooms have what appear to be electromechanical obstacles to surmount.

As if that isn't enough, a horde of deadly spiders follow your heroine too. Whilst the action goes on, the sands of time run out on screen, and, all too soon, your doppleganger becomes a skeleton.

I'd like to tell you what it's all about, but sadly, Alligata didn't send any info with this pre-production tape. Even so, an intriguing and carefully implemented game.


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