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Doomsday Blues
Amstrad CPC464

Published in Computer Gamer #14

Doomsday Blues

Doomsday Blues (originally titled Eden Blues for reasons that will become apparent later) this game is originally from the French company Ere.

The setting is after the robot revolution, you are the only person left alive - and you're stuck in a prison. But lo! What do I hear? The voice of a fair young maiden filters down through the air conditioning system. Being a gallant young man you must dash off to save her and restart the human race (hence the orignal title).

The game broadly falls into the 'problem solving graphical adventure' category, but this is more of an adventure than most of these types of games.

To start with, you have a number of points that you can assign to various attributes such as strength and stamina. These attributes can go up or down as the game progresses.

In the main game you will be stunned by the quality of the graphics and animation. All graphics are in mode 2 which is the monochrome high resolution mode (about three times the resolution of a humble Spectrum), but you don't notice the lack of colour with the superb shading and texturing of the scene.

You start off in a cell with just a bed (which you can sleep on) and a locked door.

Kicking down the door (using up some of your strength) lets you out into the main cell block. More doors can be kicked down, windows and objects can be searched - and robots can kill you. In fact, I spend most of my time getting killed by Robots!

The music at the start and end (usually too close for comfort) is quite good, but I have heard the music at the end far too much!

This game will keep arcade/adventure nuts at it for weeks. The style of the game is so different that it is immediately obvious that the game has been written outside the scope of the British game market, and it is refreshing to see something that is.