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By Taito
PC Engine (JP Version)

Published in Computer & Video Games #106


The Dark One has trapped the Princess in a magic jar, and flown her off to his castle on the other side of Marry Land [Sounds suspiciously like Mario Land to me - Ed]. You (and a friend) control Jim and Bob, two chunky hammer-wielding dwarves, who must travel through fifty wild and wacky platform-filled levels set over five areas to get to her.

It ain't all that easy, however, because the Dark One's minions (you know the sort, pink monster bunnies, fire-breathing mushrooms, boomerang-throwing pixies) have gone on the rampage. These are easily dispatched by bonking (phwoar!) them on the head with your hammer, picking 'em up and smashing them against the nearest wall. The monsters will turn into bonus point fruit.

Potions and magic hammers are scattered about, which turn your mallet into a flying hammer or give it instant smash power. There are also secret rooms, which contain jars which must be smashed in the right order to get a password.

At the end of every level lurks a giant bad guy, who'll do everything in his power to stop you. Get past him, and it's on to the next level, and that much nearer to your goal.

PC Engine

Straitjacket city! Don-Doko-Don is best described as Bubble Bobble with sledgehammers, and believe me, it's weird.

Okay, there's nothing new or original about it, but right from the intro (with flying pigs!) Don-Doko-Don is playable to the max. Smashing the oh-so-cute monsters (or the other player!) over the head is comical enough, but picking them up and hurling them against a wall is great fun.

The graphics are sweeter than a sack of saccharin, and really colourful to boot. Sound is all cutesy squeaks and pings, and the little ditty that plays in the background fits the bill perfectly.

The end of level guardians (you can't exactly call them nasties, they're so cute) are weird in the extreme, such as multi-headed pumpkins and giant teddies!

If you like platform games, get it at once. If you don't, have a look anyway - you'll soon be hooked!

Robert Swan