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By System 3
Amstrad CPC464

Published in Amstrad Action #48


Picture the scene: there's the most awesome eating machine in history just about to lunch on Earth. And you, the Dominator, have just flown down its throat! You're trying to find a weakness, any weakness so you can kill it and save Earth. You have five lives, four special weapons to pick up and a funny feeling today's going rapidly downhill. Can you do it? No problem!

Wave after wave of internal defence mechanisms attack; you blast away, watching out for protruding bits of intestine that may pierce its Achilles heel. Particularly clever and nasty bits of gut guard the entrance to deeper and more vulnerable zones.

Your ship shows its age, and is easily outpaced by the defending antibodies. All you've got to do is blow things out of the way - and a strange mixture of things they are too, never quite convincing you that they belong in the belly of an intergalactic megamuncher - but then what could?!


Rudimentary sounds (shots, explosions) accompany this tricky, if not exactly innovative, vertical shoot 'em. You sit there and blast, move a bit and blast some more. Fine if that's what you're into, but limited if you're not a die-hard trigger artist.

Second Opinion

So what if Dominator's a bit "ho hum"? I enjoy it, though I guess I'll soon tire. No awards for originality, but it will certainly keep you busy for a while.

Green Screen View

Dark, but clear.

First Day Target Score


15,000 points.

The Verdict

Graphics 65%
P. Clear and bright.
N. Nothing we haven't seen before.

Sonics 46%
P. Bang and blip and that's your lot.

Grab Factor 67%
P. Natural arcade appeal.

Staying Power 54%
P. Hard core blasters will stay the course.
N. Normal people won't.

Overall 57%
Acceptable arcade action lacking that original something to make it special.

Trenton Webb

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