By System 3
Spectrum 48K/128K

Published in Crash #67


Gritting your teeth with all the determination that made you the last hope for this bluey-green earth, you settle into your sleek starfighter to do battle for the last time against the scavengers and space mutant horrors floating high above the planet, poised on the final destruction of all civilization. All inhabitants of our planet are under a false sense of security thinking there's no threat to our very existence. How wrong they are. The loons!

As the only hero remaining of the once-glorious crack defence fighter pilot team, you take on the grotesque mutant creation set on destroying us. To crush this o candy you must brave the body defence mechanisms inside the creature so that you ma obliterate its sustaining organs, and once and for all put a stop this crazed hunger stampeding across the galaxy (is a bit like like Nick -Ed)

The game's split into part-horizontal and part-vertical scrolling. This adds some variety but doesn't make playing any easier. At the start your ship is armed with just the basic pulse canon, but icons can be shot or picked up along the way to give auto tire, lasers and even a cheat mode to help you defeat the aliens.


What can I say about Dominator that hasn't been said about every shoot-'em-up on the market? The graphics in the game aren't bad but you'll have seen similar ones literally hundreds of times before. There's one thing Dominator has to offer that many other blasting games don't though, animated scenery plus loads of colour, but lots of clash to go with it. Typical.

Puny sound effects and an avenge tune accompanying the action don't jolly things along at all. Dominator is one of those games you will either love or absolutely hate. If you like shoot-'em-ups of any shape or form, this may be for you.



'Wayhey! Domination! Fnar, fnar! No, get off Nick, it's my turn now, your comment's finished. I don't know, eh? This sort of game has been done so many times before! OK, so it's got pretty good graphics, but that doesn't make a game; there needs to be some element of gameplay in it, and I'm afraid that Dominator is such old hat that all the addictivness has worn off on other games to which it bears such similarity. In its own right, it's a jolly good shoot-'em-up, and if you've spent the last five years locked away in a computerless environment, you might well find this excellent. I'm afraid I didn't though; how about an original idea next time, System 3, coz this one ain't gonna work!'

Nick RobertsMike Dunn

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