Computer Gamer

Dodgy Geezers

Publisher: Melbourne House
Machine: BBC/Electron

Published in Computer Gamer #25

Dodgy Geezers

A dodgy duo star in the first of these two crime games, Dodgy Geezers. Although the aim is the same in both games - to pull off the Crime of the Century - they are totally different.

The second game, They Stole A Million, uses the computer as an icon-driven database of crooks, fences and targets whereas Dodgy Geezers is a straight adventure.

Dodgy Geezers was written by Lever and Jones who sound more like soap powder manufacturers than a pair of programmers. They were also responsible for Melbourne House's other comic adventures, Hampstead and Terrormolinos, but we don't hold it against them.

Dodgy Geezers

Dodgy Geezers was written using an enhanced version of The Quill so features some graphics as well as text. Using standard two word adventure commands you begin the game in a prison cell - luckily it's your day of release! - and then proceed to plan and recruit for your next big job.

Scouring the streets for likely associates you come across a bullion truck. The driver has fortuitously stopped off for a cuppa. You also see some possible recruits featured on wanted posters.

The game is mainly text with a few small pictures thrown in at key times - such as the posters, as well as important locations. Once you've found your target and assembled your gang you're ready for the second part of the games. But you need a password first so there's no diving straight in before you've done the groundwork.

Dodgy Geezers is in the same humorous vein as Hampstead and Terrormolinos with lots of "can't do that, John" cockney phrases which don't quite work, thrown in.