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Dizzy Dice
By Players
Spectrum 48K/128K/+2

Published in ZX Computing #36

Dizzy Dice

Fruit machine simulations inevitably lack the excitement of the real thing. On the plus side, you can't lose your shift but on the other hand you're not going to walk away with your pockets bulging with loose change. Without the thrill of the gamble, the simulation is ultimately - fruitless. That being said, Dizzy Dice manages to be slightly better than most games of this kind so if you want a harmless imaginary flutter this might be worth a whirl, especially at a budget price.

The presentation is bright and full of activity once the fruits are rolling. A touch of diversity is added to the usual game with the opportunity to gamble your winnings on a roulette wheel or on the throw of a dice (guessing whether it will be higher or lower than the previous throw).

Starting off with $10 you must turn it into $100 thus breaking the bank. You then move on to try breaking the bank at higher cash limits.

Dizzy Dice is about as good a game as you'll get in this unadventurous genre but purists will notice a glaring inaccuracy. When they are about to run out of coins, the machine will suddenly turn benevolent and give you four fruits in a row and a hefty payout, just to keep you in the game.