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Discs And The BBC
By Mgb Software Support
BBC Model B

Published in Home Computing Weekly #49

A useful package supplied in two forms - £9.95 for 40-track disc or £12.95 for 80-track. If you already have a BBC disc drive manual the shorter and cheaper version would apply.

The utilities are the same: *DUPlicate copies and allows renaming of a file on the same disc, *FORMAT for 40- or 80-track banks, *FREE space on disc in specified drive, *MemoryDUMP displays memory contents and allows changes, *MERGE, *RELOCate loads a Basic program, downloads it to PAGE &E00 and runs it, *ScreenDUMP for the Epson uses a simple add-on to the graphics program, *VERIFY the disc sector by sector.

I found the auto-boot menu program very useful for my games disc - anyone unfamiliar with the computer could use it to load and run a selected game.

I found one bug with *RELOCate: it corrupted one line of a Basic program. Perhaps MGB will correct this on later versions.

The manual is the only difference: the cheaper has no BBC disc reference section. Both are very well written. A good value package, but I should have preferred the utilities on ROM.


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