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Dig Dug
By Datasoft
Commodore 64/Atari 800/Atari 800XL

Published in Computer & Video Games #23

Dig Dug

Software writers from three continents have just launched rival games based on the arcade hit - Dig Dug. Game America is the official version and comes from the Atari stable. As with the majority of Atari arcade conversions, Dig Dug is a reasonably authentic copy.

You are the little character Dig-Dug who tunnels his way through the soil in a bid to unearth and kill the monsters. When all the fire-breathing monsters have been eliminated a new screen is started.

To add interest you can also collect bonus points by gobbling the fruits which appear at random. This is a simple and absorbing game which will doubtless sell well on the strength of its arcade pedigree.