Dietron (Custom Data Ltd) Review | ZX Computing - Everygamegoing

ZX Computing

By CustomData
Spectrum 16K/48K

Published in ZX Computing #8


Dietron is the only program in this review which is definitely not a game. It has a number of major functions: 1 - to work out your maximum advised weight and intake of calories according to your height, build, age, sex, etc, and 2 - it holds data on an enormous number of different foods, so that it is possible to plan a balanced meal. The data available includes protein, fibre, vitamins, etc; this section is a very comprehensive catalogue indeed.

It is also possible to load in a second program which holds information on dieting, as well as how quickly you are likely to lose those precious pounds if you cut down by a chosen amount of calories. It also explains the value of each vitamin for which data has been given for the different foods. More specifically, it gives detais about them, as well as the consequences of too much or too little in your diet.

This is a well written and researched program which can be useful for anyone who is interested in their diet. There is a substantial amount of data in Dietron which is well worth having and using. Though all of this can be found in a book, it has been arranged in such a way that makes it far quicker and easier to use on your Spectrum.

James Walsh