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Home Computing Weekly

Devil's Revenge
By Work Force
Spectrum 48K

Published in Home Computing Weekly #34

The three Work Force tapes in this issue all appeared for review with little notes attached saying that they were advance promotion copies, and would not include all 'spelling revisions and other niceties' that would apply with the production version.

That means there is no way to predicting whether the version finally put on sale will be better - or worse - than the one we have seen. There are certainly some points which need attention.

Devil's Revenge is a straight copy of Nightmare Park, give or take a detail here and there. Even the older name appears on the screen from time to time, and that seems a little tactless.

The idea of the thing is that you are exploring a maze-like adventure playground. When you take a step forward in the maze, you may - or may not - be faced with one of 15 problems and tests, such as which of three doors hides a lion that will eat you.

The tests appear in random order, and if you fail one you go right back to the start.


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