Home Computing Weekly

Devils Of The Deep

Author: H.W.C.
Publisher: Richard Shepherd
Machine: Spectrum 48K

Published in Home Computing Weekly #30

In Devils Of The Deep, you are a diver searching Atlantis for a lost treasure while trying to avoid the giant electric eels.

You have limited reserves of strength and oxygen, but may pick up items from the sea bed to replenish them or to attack the eels. Otherwise, you can escape by hiding beneath the ruins or skipping into the next sector of the seabed.

The display of this adventure game shows a three dimensional representation of Atlantis, with ruined buildings and assorted debris, and the diver is moved by the cursor keys, leaving footprints in the sand.

Very useful instructions are given on the cassette inlay, and the program loaded easily. The graphics are bright and cheery, but all the sectors look much the same. The diver moves slowly and there seem to be few monsters, so the game soon palls.

The game can be saved and restarted later, but running out of strength means a long wait while a new game is generated.


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