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Devil's Crown
By Mastertronic
Spectrum 48K

Published in Computer Gamer #13

Devil's Crown

There have been rumours of the existence of a sunken pirate ship for a long, long time. Now, after many years of careful research, you have discovered its location and are in a position to salvage any treasure that it may contain. Of course, you won't be put off by the legend associated with the ship, will you? When the pirates removed the last of the seven jewels from the cursed Golden Crown, a massive devil was unleashed from the depths of Hell. All the pirates were murdered and their ship sent to the bottom of the ocean.

Devil's Crown is an aquatic adventure spread over forty locations. Before a jewel can be recovered, you must first prove your worth by completing a given task. This involves finding a specific object and dropping it over its flashing equivalent. For example, your first task is to find three bells. When you have found them, a flashing jewel appears which in turn must be replaced by a solid one.

Being underwater, you need a constant supply of oxygen. Fortunately, there are extra tanks lying around to boost your dwindling supply. Unfortunately, there are many killer fish lurking about, contact with which rapidly consumes your oxygen.

Fortunately though, you do have a limited number of bullets with which to shoot the fish. And the pirate ghosts. And any other nasties. Should your oxygen supply reach zero, who knows? You may return yourself one day to haunt the next foolhardy explorer.

The game has bright cheerful graphics and the atmosphere of a sunken pirate ship is well created. All the rooms are named to make finding your way about that much easier, although some rooms are pitch black - apart from the ubiquitous killer fish! A very enjoyable game. If you like arcade adventures, Devil's Crown is excellent value for money.