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Amstrad Action

By Amsoft
Amstrad CPC464

Published in Amstrad Action #1


This is based on the board game Cluedo and involves you in a similar murder hunt where you have to track down the murderer, the room where it happened, the weapon and the motive.

The action takes place in nine rooms with up to six players and nine characters, weapons and motives. Each player is given a code number for each of the nine sets of information which allows them to hide their discoveries from the other players.

When it is your turn, a die is thrown and you can move that number of rooms or less. Once in the room chosen, you can enter your code numbers for the three parts of the murder and are given a Y or N depending on whether you're right or wrong. On the second level, you're only given the Y's. All this makes it like the game Mastermind (board, not TV) and leaves nearly everything to chance rather than skill.

Good News

P. Could be fun for several players.

Bad News

N. Virtually no skill involved.
N. No interest as a one-player game.