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Desmond's Dungeon
By Sparklers
Atari 400

Published in Computer Gamer #19

Desmond's Dungeon

This is an extremely simple ladders and ramps game from Thorn-EMI in their budget 'Sparklers' range. The play area is one screen high, but a few screens wide and scrolls sideways as you move around. The idea of the game is to get the bags of gold that are scattered around the screen and return them one by one to the treasure chest at the top of the screen.

The screen is full of nasties that move around in set patterns that make them easy to avoid. Though there is an aeroplane that drops an almost intelligent bomb that can get a bit hairy.

The bags must be collected one by one and returned to the top of the screen; this is easier said than done, as if you want to jump you drop your gold and have to retrieve it.

After this section you go onto another screen where the plane is dropping bags of gold and you have to catch them and throw them to some grabbers.

After this section, you return to the beginning and start over again.

After playing this game, I can't help thinking that it is a bit over simple and that there could be a lot more to it, but the game's producers just haven't bothered. Otherwise, the graphics and animation are up to standard and it is a nice, simple game, but if you are expecting a game of any quality - don't bother.