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Your Sinclair

Demon's Revenge
By Firebird
Spectrum 48K/128K/+2

Published in Your Sinclair #30

Demon's Revenge

As budget games go, Demon's Revenge offers above average quality in the graphics and depth department. The disappointment comes when you look at the gameplay. Controlling the central character is about as easy as being elected Pope, so making any serious attempt to complete the game is a non-starter. The dreadfully cliched blurb explains your quest ahead. Four pieces of a magic talisman have been accidentally scattered around a vast complex of temples. It doesn't take a megabrain to suss you've got to go and find these artifacts and return them to the central temple. Hoards of demons constantly sap valuable energy, but you can retaliate with your trusty spells or leg it - whichever takes your fancy. Of course there's the obligatory collection and delivery of objects, although this seems to aid the plot not one iota.

It's better than similar games (Conquest for example), but since completion of the game is impossible I cant recommend it, unless of course you want to pay £1.99 for a blank tape.

Tony Worrall

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