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Home Computing Weekly

By Visions
BBC Model B

Published in Home Computing Weekly #64

As a marketing exercise this game is only available through one high street store at the moment. I advise you to see it soon.

You are the only robot left after a particularly nasty 1000-year war and you are trying to protect the last of the human race, in cryogenic suspension, from the nasties who have invaded your ship. There are 24 different screns so there is plenty of action. The comparison I can make is to a cross between a road race game and a space shooting game.

The action is particularly fast, as is the animation, yet there is little flicker and eye strain. The cassette card contains a full explanation of the nasties and the title program is interrupt-driven so that you can define the keys and read the instructions whilst the second part loads - other companies please note!

A great idea is a practice game on the second side which allows you infinite lives so that you can try every screen.


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