By Kixx
Commodore 64/128

Published in Computer & Video Games #109


Strange things have been happening to merchant trading ships entering Delta space. Rumour has it that a strange alien menace with an incredibly silly name have been getting particularly narked off with all this shipping and have now taken to blasting everything in their path!

It looks like civilisation as we know it could do with a hero - enter the player, who must jump into his horizontally scrolling death-mobile blasting anything that vaguely resembles an alien. This journey will take you through 32 levels of some of the greatest blasting action yet seen on the C64!

No kidding! With such excellent graphics, unsurpassed sonics and great playability, Delta is a real classic. Buy without delay!


Delta ranks as one of the greatest scrolling shoot-'em-ups available on the C64. Nuff said?