By Thalamus
Commodore 64/128

Published in Computer & Video Games #66


Forget the plot with its unpronouncable names. Who cares what Hsiffies are? Gimme some action!

And with Delta you get action with a capital A.

In the charts it will be Nemesis and Delta battling it out for the top spot. Which one will win? Hard to say but Nemesis has the advantage of being an arcade conversion.


Delta is from the mind of Stavros Fasoulas, the brain behind Sanxion. The man certainly knows his shoot-'em-ups.

You control the Damocles against the never-ending alien menace. The more points you score, the more you are able to enhance your ship's weapons.

New weapons and accessories are represented by icons strung out across the screen every so often. The ones available to you - and this depends on your credits - are lit up in blue. Icons out of your range remain grey. Touch these and it's boom. To collect the available weapons you just fly across the icon.


Such is the speed with which you encounter these icons, strung out in your path, that my reactions were frequently not quick enough to get through.

The icons are:

Extra speed. Defending your planet needs speed. But be careful not to overdose on speed. The ship's engines will soon overload and will go slower than ever.


More bullets. The basic firepower is fine enough for dealing with the front line attack force but you should be better equipped when entering the later levels. Two credits.

Multiple fire. Aliens will attack from all sides. Guard yourself with super multiple fire. Ideal for dealing with the spinning wheels of death. Three credits.

Fish Weapon. For four credits you get extra pulse lasers.


Protector. This ball of razor sharp spinning shrapnel and glass chops, mashes, winds and grinds. Five credits.

This is my favourite weapon. It reminds me of a knight's mace spinning in a circle of devastating destruction.

Warper. This gadget does things to spacetime. Once attached to your craft all time slows down. This makes it easy to avoid and shoot aliens. Six credits.


Supa Shield. Seven credits spent well could make you almost unbeatable. Well, perhaps.

As you advance further into the games, the aliens become more amazing to look at. And they become deadlier, of course.

But there is a tremendous sense of powewr as with your Damocles, fully equipped and fully powered up, rampages on blasting and destroying everything in its path.

The music is by Ron Hubbard, king of the computer keyboard. The brilliant thing is that you can actually play about with the music as the game loads in. Never again will you be bored while a game loads.

Original Delta isn't, fun it definitely is. Buy it and you and your Commodore will have a good time. What next, we wonder, from Stavros Fasoulas, Finland's top games programmer.

Whatever it is, he'd better hurry up. I've got an itchy trigger finger just dying to get some more action.