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Home Computing Weekly

By Quebec Marketing
BBC Model B

Published in Home Computing Weekly #57

Most cassette covers give a false impression of the game. Delivery is one of these. A nice picture of a delivery van speeding round a corner. Nothing like the game. However, there are plenty of instructions.

The game is in BASIC and takes a while to load. Once loaded the user is held waiting for another two minutes while a road system is devised.

On the screen there is a map showing positions of different shops, a compass, a small diagram of each junction you reach and a space for your co-driver's comments. And they aren't very nice either.

The map consists of randomly-placed letters. Each represents a shop. You are given a list of what you have to deliver and where to. Information on the roads etc. is given at the bottom. When a hazard occurs, you can avoid danger if you hit M. Police chase you if you break the speed limit.

The great disadvantage is lack of graphics. Your co-driver's comments add a littie more interest, but they become repetitive. At £7.50, I can't see the game competing with the rest of the market.


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