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Defend The Cities 1
By Intersoft

Published in Home Computing Weekly #36

This is the Extended Basic version of the MiniMemory Defend The Cities II, and is different in several respects.

You have the option of using either the keyboard or joysticks, there are no skill levels but still four levels of difficulty.

Although you can fire the length of the screen, as in DTC II, the beam is only visible for part of the way. After three or so continuous salvoes you are momentarily informed "lazer overheated" but not to worry, your "lazer" starts working again almost immediately

You can still fly about the screen, although of course the controls are not as responsive, and there is a different trick which can at times make a bomb 'miss' the city - very devious.

If you crash your ship into either a bomb of an alien, or a bomb hits the city, the game ends and the current highest score is displayed. Remember that because this module is not battery-backed the highest score is not retained.