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ZX Computing

Deep Strike
By Durell
Spectrum 48K

Published in ZX Computing #36

Deep Strike

World War I dogfights were extremely hazardous with planes often shooting off their own propellers in the heat of the action. Add to that the unreliability of such flimsy aircraft and you realise the danger of the mission you've been sent on. Your mission is to fight off hordes of Red Barons, Black Barons and Blue Maxes to protect the bombers that fly in front of you.

This aerial convoy has its own problems in that you have to drop the bombs while trying not to shoot the bomber that spends most of the game in front of your gunsights!

The screen shows your view over the scrolling landscape and your controls that are dominated by two propellers which show the deteriorating condition of your plane and your bomber, and a pointer that keeps you on course.

The best results seem to be achieved if you fly so that you fire just below the bomber's undercarriage but be prepared to move out to intercept enemy fighters and gun down barrage balloons before they destroy your bomber. As each bomber is destroyed, another takes its place until you either get a chance to bomb your main target (the enemy fuel dump) or you're left on your own to take out as many of their planes as you can before they get you.