Deathville (Bubble Bus) Review | Computer & Video Games - Everygamegoing


By Bubble Bus
Amstrad CPC464

Published in Computer & Video Games #54


Welcome to Deathville - a sort of Pyjamarama with a touch of horror. Humorous horror - none of your tacky bloodstained graphics here, thank you very much!

Our hero Sammy Sloper has been whisked off to Deathville by the Evil One - and he wants Sammy to stay there. But Sammy has other ideas - and with your help will escape the evil one's clutches.

There are lots of objects to be found and their uses discovered. It's pretty standard arcade adventure stuff but with some funny touches - like the gravestone and the clutching hand which represents your energy level.

The graphics are nice - slightly rougher than Pyjamarama but still effectively conveying that comic-horror feel.