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Death Star Interceptor
By System 3
Spectrum 48K

Published in Computer Gamer #2

Death Star Interceptor

My first impressions of this game were rather bad, but it sort of grows on you.

The start is made with the Star Wars theme (officially licensed, to my great approval) played in a modulated form. This means that instead of the normal pathetic beeps of the Spectrum, you get a sort of buzzing sound - much easier on the ears, and a lot better sounding too.

The first 'screen', if it can be called that, is what originally put me off the game. A synthesized voice proclaims that you ought to blast off, so fire up your engines and you're away. The object of this screen is merely to fly your craft into the sort of dot in the middle of the screen, it all seems a bit pointless to me, but no doubt it's there for a reason.

The second screen is fairly impressive though. The Earth swings off the screen and a small dot appears in a corner of the screen; throughout the game this slowly gains in size, though you won't have time to notice this as the Tie-fighters begin their attack.

You can shoot and move in the normal manner; however you can also shoot diagonally. This becomes very useful as this screen can be passed with relative ease by simply sitting as low as possible in a corner, and shooting diagonally into the middle of the screen.

The next levels are better still. Flying down the traditional trench, you face all sorts of problems. I didn't get to the end of the trench and so don't know what's there, but so far the game stands up very well. If you took a quick look and shied away from this game, like me, then I think that it's worth giving it a second look.