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Death Star Interceptor
By System 3
Spectrum 48K

Published in Computer & Video Games #42

Death Star Interceptor

Star Wars was a move that spawned a hundred games - and the latest is Death Star Interceptor from System 3. The game, originally written for the C64, features nice 3D-style graphics, and a new gimmick not found on the original - speech!

The sounds were provided by the same programmer who created the effects for Activision's Spectrum Ghostbusters game - and pretty good they are too!

Listen to a terrific rendition of the Star Wars theme, then your Spectrum shouts "Prepare to Launch!" and you are off on a mission to destroy the Death Star.

The Fighters streak toward your craft with characteristic "scream" sound direct from the movie as you attempt to blast them. Meanwhile, the Death Star is getting nearer and nearer.

Soon you find yourself in the trench with laser barriers and yet more Tie Fighters coming at you. Time to take a tight grip on your joystick! Zap along the trench, place a well aimed shot into the reactor shaft and then you can breathe easily again.

One criticism is that System 3 have retained the fiddly launch sequence. You must position yourself correctly to squeeze through a "star-gate" which can get irritating when you want to get straight back to the action.

The Tie-fighters are animated and drawn very well - you get a "3D" side view of the attacking craft as they turn away from your star-fighter after an attack run. The approaching Death Star looks good too!

Death Star Interceptor is an all-action shoot-out with some nice new features - like the neat sound effects. If you like all-out action games then you'll love it!