Death Or Glory

Publisher: CRL
Machine: Commodore 64

Published in Zzap #26

Death Or Glory

It's a funny old universe, isn't it? One moment you're an average spacedozer driver, destroying empty space stations for a living. The next you're single-handedly taking on an enormous alien invasion fleet...

You've been told to investigate an unidentified speck on the very limits of the civil space radar screen. It's generally thought to be some sort of large asteroid - however, on your approach to the object it becomes apparent that it's nothing as ordinary as a hunk of space rock. The radar blip becomes bigger and bigger, until suddenly you realise that it's an alien invasion force, consisting of battle-cruisers and nimble android fighters. And it's heading directly towards the peaceful planet of New Stratford! There isn't enough time to turn back and alert New Stratford's defence system - the fleet has to be dispatched here and now.

The multi-directional scrolling action is viewed from above, with the spacedozer occupying a central position and flying at speed above the invasion fleet. Pressing the fire button dips the reinforced nose and sends it ripping through the outer shell of the cruiser - destroying it if the dozer is travelling at top speed. A slower speed only results in partial destruction.

Death Or Glory

Alien fighters attack throughout the demolition. Contact with either an alien ship or bomb weakens the dozers' collision armour, represented by a diminishing bar at the bottom of the screen. Allow the bar to reach zero and the dozer explodes, resulting in the end of the planet-saving mission.

When enough battleships are wrecked, the dozer is promoted to another, more difficult level where another fleet awaits demolition.


Death Or Glory's backdrop doesn't look too bad... but then the screen starts scrolling - smoothness is obviously not one of CRL's priorities. Even if you manage to ignore the jerky scrolling there's very little to get excited about.

Death Or Glory

The gameplay is quite limited, offering a bit of initial fun, but becoming increasingly boring on each successive play. It looks and plays like a budget title, and its ten pound price tag is therefore ridiculous.


Death Or Glory is like a shoot-'em-up without the shooting (if you can imagine that), and it soon becomes tiresome. Simply flying around, ripping up the scenery is tedious beyond belief, and it's annoying to feel so defenceless.

The graphics and animation are inconsistent; the stars don't move during flight, but some of the bas-relief backdrops are gorgeous and it seems such a waste to destroy them.

Death Or Glory

Death Or Glory had potential, I'll say that. It's sad that CRL didn't realise this when they started programming.


Although graphically pleasing, Death Or Glory is immensely dull to play. Dozing through ship after ship (in the sleepy sense of the word) is not my idea of a good time.

This task is made all the more wearisome by the awkward control method and the somewhat illogical progression from screen to screen - sometimes you are transported almost immediately, and for no apparent reason.

The lack of instructions don't help either. Not a terribly awe-inspiring release, I'm afraid.


Presentation 74%
No instructions, but generally well laid out.

Graphics 61%
The effect of the neat bas-relief backdrops is ruined due to the jerky scrolling.

Sound 57%
A reasonable tune plays throughout, and there are some suitable spot effects.

Hookability 56%
Simplistic and instantly appealing but uninteresting gameplay.

Lastability 33%
Repetitive and unrewarding.

Value For Money 29%
Not enough variety or action to justify the price.

Overall 37%
A barely average attempt at producing a new form of destructive game.