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Death Chess 5000
By Artic Computing
Spectrum 48K

Published in Personal Computer Games #10

Death Chess 5000

Artic make no mean claims for this game: "It is", they modestly say, "the latest and greatest and most exciting chess game ever developed." It may possibly be the latest, but the other two adjectives certainly do not apply.

In effect, you get two games. Option 1 gives you straightforward computer chess: six levels and a reasonable game.

What gives you a hint about the nature of Option 2 is the pieces: pawns are tanks and knights look particularly ferocious. The gimmick is that every time one side or another proposes to take a piece an arcade sequence ensues with the loser also losing his piece.

Pawn x pawn produces a scene in which the computer's helicopter tries to bomb your tank before you can reach a city. The graphics are pretty, but the gameplay is minimal. Piece x different piece results in a dire version of Galaxians.

I'm afraid I can't see Karpov and Kasparov taking it up.


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