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Home Computing Weekly

By Gemini
BBC Model B

Published in Home Computing Weekly #34

This offering from Gemini is supplied on cassette and if required transfers easily to disc. That's useful, but when on disc it doesn't exploit the disc's capacity for high volume data storage.

This, like many other database programs, seems to have been written only for cassette-based machines, which severely limits the number of records stored. How about someone writing a disc database?

Anyway, the first part of the program is a set-up procedure to set field size, with a maximum of 12 fields available, to name and classify the type, numeric or string.


You can't decide your own screen layout - the program does that, and not very well.

Part two is the main database with menu drive options to add, edit, delete, sort, find, list, calculate records. You can also print a file and save a file to tape or disc.

The database performed its tasks well, though the printout of the file was not user-designable.

A third part is a demonstration data file, but I couldn't load this at all on my copy, even at 300 Baud!


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